More valuable than gold.

We put the facts in the limelight – our clients deliver the information. Our journalistic expertise enables us to identify media outlets fitting you and your topics. More importantly: we tell stories from your target group’s point of view. All articles, postings or short films designed by our journalists, filmmakers and graphic artists are creative, entertaining and relevant.


Reputation is the key to your business success.

Thoughtless action is harmful for private persons and businesses. Values such as credibility, reliability, trustworthiness or responsibility might be damaged. We support you in setting up a strategy that enables you to communicate consistently via all media channels – so that your business can profit from its reputation as an employer, motor of innovation or financier.


Talk to the press – in the right tone.

Publications about your company, your product or your event in print and online media should not be the result of coincidences. We develop strategic press release schedules, establish core messages and inform the media via the appropriate communication channels. We compile press folders, organize press conferences and send out press releases. Of course we also use blogs, message boards and social media channels in order to achieve online publications.


From expert conferences to trade shows.

Never let the effect of your event just fade away. We draft the perfect communication strategy for your occasion. From a local press conference to a nation-wide expert meet-up, from a product launch to the largest trade shows in the world. Our concepts are designed to emphasize core messages and raise consumer awareness.


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Already linked to relevant social media channels or planning to do so? We support you in understanding mechanisms of new media and build expertise upon your personal knowledge. Together we define goals, measures and messages that are important for your business. Thrilling ideas for food or lifestyle bloggers, frequent postings about fashion or climate change – we pre-arrange everything and think ahead in order to build relationships with people.


Simulate scenarios & prepare white papers.

Change processes are daily business routines. Restructuring of departments, merging with other businesses or streamlining brand identities – there are plenty of situations that require active corporate communication. With our PR tools, we support you in preparing and organizing change processes. We give special attention to case-sensitive communication with employees, customers and stakeholders.

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