Agency dog Hella supports DENKBAR team


HellaPortrait4Hella is DENKBAR’s youngest team member, anyway she’s thick-skinned. She gets annoyed by her colleagues because of her special appearance, but she doesn’t care. Moreover she’s very committed to the essential task of the in-house motivation work and takes care of a warm welcome of the office visitors.

Sure, she doesn’t have much knowledge of PR and marketing, but she can run faster than everyone else. As a personal trainer, she motivates the team members to take regular walks.

Between the colleagues it’s rumored that the      special relationship with one of the managing directors gives her a certain immunity. That’s because, in comparison to the others, she sleeps during work but still gets care and attention. Nevertheless the agency team is absolutely delighted about their new member.

Team Hella WebAgency Dog Hella – the new team assistant supports DENKBAR. She is particularly good at running, playing and sleeping at work.



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